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Teresa's long awaited debut CD "A Heart After His" recorded and produced by Rob Agostini at SoundBaker in Perth, Western Australia. Every song is written and sung by Teresa and is a mixture of Christian pop/ballad/worship with each song conveying Teresa's personal spiritual journey. Featuring 9 original tracks, and the tenth track a special version of the Title track sung by her 5 year old daughter Serena.

A Heart After His" has taken 12 months to bring to fruitiion and is a dream come true for Teresa. Teresa believes as she honestly sings her heart; she is also singing your heart.

Worship Is...

Written by Teresa Bearsley

Worship is obedience...even when it hurts,
Worship is kindness to others...when you think it's not what they deserve,
Worship is giving...when all you have left is one,
Worship is loving others...look at God's son.

Worship is living...each moment of your life,
Worship is fun...laughing as you try,
Worship is honesty...being true to yourself,
Worship is balance...in everything else.

Worship is a loving heart...keeping that openness,
Worship is who you are...in all of your fullness,
Worship is your deepest you...where you are greatest,
Worship is resting in His arms...where you are safest.

Worship is trusting...when circumstances fizz,
Worship is a contrite heart...that knows who He is,
Worship is faithfullness...when the flesh is giving up,
Worship is leaning on the Father...as He fills my cup.

Worship is taking time to pray,
Worship is reverence..of His lordship everyday,
Worship is acknowledgment...of who He is,
Worship is freedom...and everlasting peace.

Worship is not a song...that we sing,
Worship is not...what we do on Sunday,
Worship is who we are every day...in every way,
On every occasion...life throws your way.

Featured Songs from the CD

A Heart After His

Psalms 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Special Place

1 Chronicles 22:19
Devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God.

I've Got A Message

2 Samuel 22:29
You are my lamp Oh Lord, and the Lord turns my darkness into light.

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